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Next Year's Budget: 2019-20

Our Approved Proposed Budget for 2019-2020 is hereby publicly posted and available for review for the 20-day minimum "sunshine" public review and comment period, as required by law:  

2019-20 CRFD Approved Proposed Budget for Sunshining  (pdf)

Our next Board meeting includes the final budget meeting on May 14th; the Budget Meeting Notice (LB-1) is also hereby publicly posted as required:  

Form LB-1 CRFD Budget Hearing Notice 4-21-2019  (pdf)

At the May 14th meeting, the Board will consider any final changes based on input from the public and from the Board; the Approved Proposed Budget for 2019-2020, with amendments if any, will be adopted.

The schedule for the 2019-20 budget process is:

Feb. 8th (Fri.) – Preliminary review of the budget.

March 8th (Fri.) –  Budget committee presents a draft of the Proposed Budget.

April 9th (Tues.) - Final Board Review for Proposed Budget; 20-day public review and comment period ("sunshining") follows this meeting.

May 14th (Tues.) - Approval of Final Budget. Final Budget will be forwarded to the State following this meeting.

The Current Operating Budget: Fiscal Year 2018-19

The Budget Committee for the FY 2018-2019 budget held its first public meeting on March 9th, 2018, at the Hilt Church.

The Budget Committee met at 6:00 PM; the regular CRFD Board meeting took place following the Budget Committee meeting. Both meetings were open to the public.

As required by law, the Notice of the Budget Committee's first public meeting was publicly posted (on Sun. February 11, 2018): Budget Committee Public Meeting Notice. This notice was also posted at our two main district kiosks (on the Mt. Ashland Ski Rd. and on lower Colestin Rd).

The Proposed ("Provisional") Budget for 2018-2019 was published online on our website's Budget page (this page) and in printed form at our south district kiosk on Colestin Rd. on Thurs. April 12th, 2018, and was "sunshined" for public review for the required 20 days minimum prior to being approved at the May 8th CRFD Board meeting:

The CRFD Board of Directors approved and adopted the Proposed Provisional Budget for 2018-2019 without any further changes at the May 8th Board meeting. The Final Budget was filed with the state of Oregon well ahead of the June 30th deadline. (The Final Budget is the same as the Proposed Provisional Budget, as above).

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The Budget Process:

Every year, the operating budget is reviewed line by line by the CRFD Budget Committee for the Board of Directors and the Chief, usually starting at the March Board meeting. Any needed changes are discussed.

A tentative proposed budget is usually presented and discussed at the April Board meeting. Any further recommendations and changes are discussed, and upon approval, are incorporated into the proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

CRFD's Proposed (Provisional) Budget and the LB-1 "Notice of Budget Hearing" are then posted for public review and comment ("sunshined") for a minimum of 20 days as required by state law. [Note: The State of Oregon changed the time requirement in 2013 from 30 days to 20 days for budget-related notices requiring public posting within a fire district.] (See posting sites below.)

During this public review period, any concerns or questions raised by our constituent community members can be directed to any one of our Board members.

Comments, questions or concerns may also be brought up at the May Board meeting on the date as specified on the LB-1 Form ("Notice of Budget Hearing") by any community members who wish to attend.

Any questions or concerns from community members will be given due consideration before the Final Budget is approved and adopted by the Board.

Once all changes are finalized, the Budget committee presents a final review of the proposed budget at the May Board meeting. If there are no additional changes at that time, the proposed budget is approved as the Final Budget and adopted.

The Final Budget is submitted to the Secretary of State in Oregon by or before June 30th.

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The Budget Committee:

Our Budget Committee members for the 2019-2020 Budget are: Lisa Buttrey, Sharron Halvorson, and Karen Dwyer. Lisa and Sharron have served on the Committee for the past 18 years; Karen has served for the past 15 years.

The Board extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to our Budget Committee for their very excellent expertise, and for the time they each give to work on the budget. Their commitment and dedication enables the budget process to be a smooth one for all involved, resulting in a workable budget for our district's continued operational needs.

The committee continues to be assisted by Teri Thomas, who serves on the Board and is also our Board Treasurer. Teri's background in accounting is a wonderful resource for the Board, and we are very fortunate to have her help and expertise in assisting with the budget preparation.

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Public Posting Sites for Budget documents:

bullet In CRFD's bulletin case at the postal kiosk on the lower end of the Mt. Ashland Ski Road (approx. mile marker one, on the left, adjacent to the covered postal lock boxes and row of mail boxes);

bullet In the bulletin case at our south valley kiosk (to the right of our fire indicator sign structure) at the south end of the district on Colestin Rd. near the Oregon-California border;

bullet Online on our website's Budget page (this page), where documents can be viewed, downloaded and printed.

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Previous Budgets:

Budgets are for fiscal years (July 1 through June 30). The following Budget report documents can be viewed/printed:

(PDF file format - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.)

Previous Budgets
2017-18 Provisional Budget for 2017-2018
(also the Final Budget) (pdf)
2016-17 The CRFD 2016-2017 Final Budget
[The Proposed and Final Budgets are the same.]
2015-16 The CRFD 2015-2016 Provisional [also Final] Budget
2014-15 Budget for 2014-2015   (1 page, PDF format)
[The Proposed and Final Budgets are the same.]
2013-14 Budget for 2013-2014 (1 page, PDF format)
[The Proposed and Final Budgets are the same.]
2012-13 Budget for 2012-2013  (PDF format, 92.6 KB).
["Proposed" budget is same as "Final" for this year.]
2011-12 Budget for 2011-2012
 ["Proposed" Budget is same as "Final" for this year]
2010-11 The 2010-2011 Budget
 ["Proposed" Budget is same as "Final" for this year]
2009-10 The 2009-2010 Budget  
["Proposed" Budget is same as "Final" for this year]
2008-09 The 2008-2009 Budget
2007-08 The 2007-2008 Budget
2006-07 The 2006-2007 Budget
2005-06 The 2005-2006 Budget
2004-05 The 2004-2005 Budget
2003-04 The 2003-2004 Budget

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