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Equipment Resources: Vehicles


Our long-awaited FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)-financed structure fire engine, Engine No. 44-13, is here in Colestin!

Colestin RFD's new FEMA-grant Structure Fire Engine

(Photo copyright © CRFD Webmaster, all rights reserved.)

After nearly a two-year wait while CDF built the engine for us, and after outfitting it with parts, our long-awaited FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)-financed structure fire engine, Engine No. 44-13,was finished and put into full-time service in the fall of 2004. It is housed at Station No. 1 at Colestin, in the center of the district.

This engine is the result of a grant award by FEMA that CRFD member Lisa Buttrey was responsible for writing and getting for the District: of the $65,000 we requested, we were given $58,500 to purchase a "good-used" engine and outfit it specifically for fighting structure fires. (A brand-new structure-fire engine with only standard operating basics can cost about $210,000.)

Most of the engine work was finished by the fall of 2003, but it took the intervening time since then to completely outfit the rig with peripheral parts and equipment, and get it painted, insured, and ready to go. Fire Chief Steve Avgeris brought it to the September 24th Board Meeting in Hilt for those present to see it in its complete form for the first time.

New FEMA structure fire engine, at the Sept. CRFD Board Meeting

(Photo copyright © CRFD Webmaster, all rights reserved.)




During part of the 2004 fire season, Colestin and Hilt volunteers helped staff the Hornbrook CDF Station. The proceeds from that effort enabled the Hilt Department to procure a new rescue rig (Hilt Rescue Vehicle 44-41).

The Hilt VFD's new Fire & Rescue Astro Van, "44-41"

(Photo copyright © CRFD Webmaster, all rights reserved.)

This message was posted to all of our Volunteer Responders:

"The Hilt Volunteer Fire Company Board of Directors wishes to thank all Colestin and Hilt volunteers who helped staff the Hornbrook CDF Station this summer. The proceeds from that effort enabled [the] Hilt Department to procure the Hilt Rescue Vehicle 44-41. THANK YOU for your time and dedication!"
(This notice was originally published in the community newsletter, The Buzz, Sept./Oct. 2004.)



We sold one of our earlier and older fire engines in July, 2012, for a minimum bid of $2,500: a 1979 Chevy K 30, 4x4, V8, gasoline, four-speed, includes a 200-gallon tank with a 50 gallon per minute pump. The engine also had four new tires.

1979 Chevy pumper truck, sold in 2012 - front view

Bidding was open to the public and publicly noticed, both in the valley and on ( A ten percent deposit was required (and was later returned to all unsuccessful bidders), along with completed bidding application forms. Bids were opened at the July 20th, 2012, Board Meeting and the engine went to the highest bidder.

1979 Chevy pumper truck, sold in 2012 - side view

(See our fundraising page for further information on vehicle/equipment sales.)


We also sold our old 1956 International pumper truck in April of 2003:


Our 1956 International, sold in 2003 - front view


Our 1956 International, sold in 2003 - side view

Colestin valley firefighter and resident Art Trainor put the original flyer together announcing the sale of the engine:

Sale Flyer for 1956 International  Fire Truck, by Art Trainor



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